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Our soul knows the truth of our divine essence and wishes to fully express it's self in this material realm.  This part of our being is always aware of it's connection to spirit and therefore it is joyous, trusting and completely open to the experiences and lessons that life brings. The soul operates beyond the world of projections or limitations and recognizes its's self as part of the divine whole.

The soul is our greatest life compass and forever life companion that can greatly support us in navigating life with more ease, grace and fluidity if only we allow ourselves to listen and follow it's guidance. 

Soul sessions is a safe container where you can be heard, feel your feelings, express your deepest truths and let go of old emotional weights of the past to create space to begin experiencing more joy, presence and peace now.


It aim's to support you in identifying, processing and releasing the emotions. energies, thoughts, beliefs and programs that negatively affect your life in various ways both consciously and unconsciously; and that keep you disconnected from the voice of your soul.

When we shift how we engage with our internal world we can create ripples of transformation within our daily external world both large and small.

Soul sessions will support you in developing a new relationship with yourself and life that helps you to remember that everything is sacred; including you!


Individual sessions: $150.00

Package of 6 sessions: $800

To find out if Soul sessions are right for your sacred journey schedule your free 20 minute discovery call today! 

Soul Sessions

What can happen in a call?

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You Can't Hide From You...

"Sooner or later you're going to have to stop the war inside and fighting a fight against something that can't be out-beat. Sooner or later you're going to have to sit down with it all, listen to the messages being communicated from your soul and work with what's coming up. This is your greatest work."

Raven Marie



Mindset and Energy Work

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Soul dynamics

The intention of Soul Sessions is to create a deeper, more intimate relationship with the soul that will allow you to live more in alignment with your sovereign nature.

Allow your true soul expressions to be realized and embodied.



Iboga Retreats Costa Rica

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri



With integration support you'll gain the tools, resources, insights, understandings and emotional intelligence to step more fully into your personal power and face life with confidence, trust and accountability.

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Project Happiness

When we place the totality of our happiness in the hands of the external world while failing to cultivate feelings of joy from within, we run the risk of experiencing feelings of disappointment, resentment, stress and emotional pain.

Through the embodiment of %100 responsibility, conscious self reflection, the shifting of your current belief systems and deliberate action steps you will break through mental and emotional blocks that have limited your experience of inner joy and well being.


It all starts within.




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