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I Am Raven Marie

"Reflections Of The Divine"

Holistic Lifestyle Specialist


About Raven Marie

Hi I´m Raven Marie, your International Holistic Lifestyle Specialist!

I aim to assist you in tapping into your own unique power through Intuitive

Energy Clearing, restoration and rebalancing sessions as well as through specialized programs focused on personal-development, self-empowerment and life mastery. 

I also assist businesses large and small with incorporating wellness aspects into their model to foster positive results in employee productivity, morale and overall well-being.

I believe that real and lasting change can only happen when we become aware of our mental habits and consciously choose to master our thoughts, feelings and energetic vibrations.

Through engaging tools, creative arts, physical movement, mental stillness, emotional vulnerability and the concept of 100% responsibility I aim to assist in positively shifting your mindset and energetic vibrations into a higher state while leaving you filled with inspired ideas, motivation and a renewed sense of self.

I believe that there are countless voices, gifts and talents, being suppressed due to feelings of self-doubt, fear, and the belief that its too late.

This is something that I completely relate to. A few years ago I was unfulfilled with my work and the overall direction of my life. Deep down I knew that I deserved more but self-doubt, unhealed past wounds, and fear of the unknown had me stuck.

I knew that I had to make a huge change within myself if I wanted better for my life and so without looking back I began taking steps along the path of healing and redefining who I believed I was.

I believe that we are all incredible beings of light, born into this life with something to offer that only we can give. The ability to live our truths and be our authentic selves is a declaration of Self-Love, freedom and inspiration.

This is something that maybe you have forgotten along your life journey, my mission is to help you remember.



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It's time to become aware of your mental habits and consciously choose to master your thoughts, feelings and energetic vibrations. It´s time to choose happiness!

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