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The Time Is Now!

Loving yourself is one of the most healing acts one can do. With this very act alone comes the ability to improve all areas of your life. 

It's with self love that you realize you deserve to have a life that's lived and experienced from your highest potential. It is also this act that gives you the courage to pursue the things that make your heart soar. 

Love also brings peace and beyond all it heals. I know first hand having lived a life that was unfulfilled and clouded with self-doubt, self-hate and misperceptions of reality. Through lessons learned on my own journey it is my mission to spread awareness, love, insights and healing to all who are open and ready to receive. 

I believe we are all connected, quantum physics proves this very notion. As one evolves so does another; and now is more important than ever to take stock of whats not in alignement with the nature of our souls. 

Times are changing and we are beginning to seek out  holistic methods to facilitate a more profound level of healing. We are waking up. We are beginning to remember there is more to us, more for us. It is past time for us to let go of outdated programing and step into our individual and united power. 

Through the loving touch of energy work, meaningful dialogue and specialized programs I've set the intention of being of service to those who are ready for change and improvement. We are evolving into a love centered being and I am one of many stepping up to assist in the healing of our planet. 

First through myself and then through you.

The time is now.  



Mindset and Energy Work



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~ Be Free ~

Most of us live in a consequence state of reality and don't even know it. 


So used to the pain, drama and illusion of struggle, lack and limitation that we view it as normal, fine; because it's all we've ever known.

Currently we distract ourselves with social media, mindless tv, judgements, opinions, anger and addictions... anything to keep us from looking within. Afraid of what we'll find.


Bud don't you see? Looking within is the salvation you seek. You see, within is where our ego self, soul, and Divinity meet.


Only honesty and love, the ability to liberate you from your suffering and pain. Why be afraid of yourself? There's only love and a direct connection to God, for you are one in the same.


The soul is happy, it wants the same for you. For you to sing, to love, to feel and dance.  For you are one with the Divine, why ever feel blue?




See yourself for what you truly are. One with me, one with God, one with the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars.

A light unto the world. That's what you'll find. Hidden under the rubble of your thoughts, your worries, fears, doubts, judgements and the lies.

Come closer.


You've had something in your eyes. 

This school of life is filled with many lessons. Repeating over and over again until we learn the blessings.

We've come here to learn and grow.



Learn, baby learn.

Grow, baby grow.

See it, know it, feel it, transcend it and then let it all go.

Love, love, love.

Only love is real. Always remember that love is bigger than your fears.


~ Raven Marie ~


Over the course of the years I’ve come to realize that the inner world is our most sacred domain.


6 years ago i was working a job i didn't love, living a life I didn't love and drowning in my surroundings while feeling overwhelmingly stuck. 


 I experienced recurring bouts of depression and was completely attached to the painful, and humiliating memories/stories of my past with no idea how to process any of it. Because of this I carried deep rooted limiting beliefs about myself and my life that kept me feeling small, inadequate and like I was going nowhere fast. I was a zombie and victim within my life just skating by.


I believe that many beings on this planet can relate to this no matter what walk of life they come from. This is why I feel so compelled to dedicate my life to supporting clients on their journey of shedding the layers of the false self so that they may awaken and connect to their true nature which is rooted in love and trust.


Do you find yourself struggling as you run around trying to fix the things that are not working in your life externally only to continue recreating the same experiences over and over again? Although external action IS important, most likely there is an unawareness of the varying inner world dynamics and energetic nuances that influence your life experiences. 


My sessions are a unique culmination of energy work, soul/inner child work, intuitive personal reflective coaching, humor and spiritual advisory all brought together to help bring awareness to the blind spots, the unnoticed emotional, mental and energetic imbalances and factors that may be affecting you.

Together we align to bring balance and flow to the energetic body, address past experiences of trauma, pain, abandonment, stressors, etc. and create new daily practices, foundational belief systems and life agreements which will support you in reclaiming your inner power and light. 

I provide life integration support to clients who are learning to love themselves more, listen to the wisdom of their soul and fully embody their unique expression and rhythm. 

It's about bridging the gaps between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves in order to feel fully integrated, supported and in flow with our life.


I've felt unworthy, undeserving of taking up space, limited, restricted, like a victim, lost, confused, unlovable, shameful and full of self doubt. The truth is that I still feel these ways from time to time. However the difference is that I KNOW THAT I AM NOT MY THOUGHTS and I now have the skills, tools, practices and new foundational belief systems that allow me to move through anything that comes up for me from a more grounded, conscious, trusting, empowered yet surrendered place. And a LOT faster!


For over half a decade I have made the transformation of my inner pain into my greatest power my most important priority. As a result of this I have trained in various holistic, energetic and mindset modalities and have learned from some of the most incredible and knowledgeable teachers and shamans from around the world. Now, It is my greatest joy and passion to share all that I have learned and continue to learn with you. 


If you’re ready to transform your challenges and pain into personal power and victorious living then contact me today and allow me to support you in creating an abundant Life By Design.

Do you struggle with expressing your needs, setting healthy boundaries, forgiveness, honoring your passions, feeling truly happy or being vulnerable with others?


Are you ready to get honest  with yourself so that you can create more harmonious dynamics between you and the ones you love?


Are you ready to truly feel seen, heard, loved and understood? 


If you answered YES! to any of the questions above then invest in your copy of "From Consequence to Results" now!

From Consequence to Results!

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