Reflections Of The Divine

~A Soulful Approach To Your Well-being~

"Sooner or later you're going to have to stop the war inside and fighting a fight against something that can't be out-beat. Sooner or later you're going to have to sit down with all of yourself, listen to the messages being communicated from your soul and have the courage to lean into whats coming up. This willl be your greatest work."

~Raven Marie~

Raven Marie


Mind - Body -Spirit - & - Miracles

Do you find yourself struggling as you run around trying to fix the things that are not working in your life externally only to continue recreating the same experiences over and over again? Although external action IS important, most likely there could be an unawareness of varying inner world dynamics and energetic nuances that are influencing you life experiences. 


My sessions are a unique culmination of energy work, soul/inner child work, intuitive personal reflective coaching, humor and spiritual advisory all brought together to help bring awareness to the blind spots, the unnoticed emotional, mental and energetic imbalances and factors that may be affecting you.

Together we align to bring harmony and flow to the energetic body, address past experiences of trauma, pain, abandonment, stressors, etc. and create new daily practices, foundational belief systems and life agreements which will support you in reclaiming your inner power and divinity. 


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Raven Marie

Raven Marie is a multidimensional Practitioner and the creator of Reflections of the Divine. Her intention is to be a loving helper, support and channel as you make the inner quest of remembering your unique power and true sacred nature.


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