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Do you struggle with expressing your needs, setting healthy boundaries or forgiving others or yourself?


Does it feel like a conflict of interests or responsibilities to honor the things you're most passionate about?


Do you struggle with feeling inner happiness or feeling safe to be vulnerable with others? 

Have you every wondered why, or what you can begin to do to shift these limiting dynamics?


If you answered YES! to any of the questions above then I deeply invite you to invest in your copy of "From Consequence to Results" today.

You'll begin to uncover the blind spots in your ability to think, give, receive and thrive.

 You will also have an opportunity to create a new blueprint of agreements that will support you in creating a new relationship with your life.


You deserve it.

From Consequence

to Results!

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You Can't Hide From You...

"Sooner or later you're going to have to stop the war inside and fighting a fight against something that can't be out-beat. Sooner or later you're going to have to sit down with it all, listen to the messages being communicated from your soul and work with what's coming up. This is your greatest work."

Raven Marie



Mindset and Energy Work

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri

Soul dynamics

The intention of Soul Sessions is to create a deeper, more intimate relationship with the soul that will allow you to live more in alignment with your sovereign nature.

Allow your true soul expressions to be realized and embodied.



Iboga Retreats Costa Rica

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri



With integration support you'll gain the tools, resources, insights, understandings and emotional intelligence to step more fully into your personal power and face life with confidence, trust and accountability.

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Project Happiness

When we place the totality of our happiness in the hands of the external world while failing to cultivate feelings of joy from within, we run the risk of experiencing feelings of disappointment, resentment, stress and emotional pain.

Through the embodiment of %100 responsibility, conscious self reflection, the shifting of your current belief systems and deliberate action steps you will break through mental and emotional blocks that have limited your experience of inner joy and well being.


It all starts within.




Hi, I'm Raven Marie and I am so thankful that you are here! I invite you to explore, get inspired and reach out if you would like to receive my support.

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