Affirm out loud:

I am seen

I am heard

I am loved

I am understood


Everyone yearns to feel seen, heard, loved and understood; to feel embraced for who they truly are. Yet many of us don't feel like this in one area of our lives or another.


Why is that?


I believe it is because we fail to be honest with others out of fear of being judged, criticized, rejected or abandoned.


Many of us live in an emotional consequence state of reality most of the time and are completely unaware of it. They are the subtle feelings and thought patterns we live with everyday due to the fact that we simply are not honest.

We say yes when we want to say no, we hold back our emotions out of fear and a lack of trust in others, we find "happiness" in everything and everyone apart from ourselves, we refrain from doing things that we love out of fear of being judged, that its too late or that we are not good enough...


The consequence state of reality is what you're left with after the rest of the world tells you who you are and what you deserve. It's the reactive state you live in when you deny your own truth and inner compas. This robs us of our joys and misaligns us from our true values.


So much of our self worth and personal power placed in the hands of those around us. How can we gain it back?




First with ourselves and then with others.


From this space we can begin to move away from living within the confines of emotional consequence and navigate our way into a new liberated space of emotional results.


The emotional results space of reality is where you dwell when you consciously make different choices for your life. They are the feelings you thrive from, that motivate you, that expand you and lift you up. From this space you are no longer letting the world decide your truth for you, you are declaring, affirming and embodying it on you own.


Now is the opportunity to rebuild our lives with new agreements that will benefit our wellbeing, mind, heart, soul and essentially those around us. When we are honest with ourselves and others we feel light, liberated and truly seen, heard, loved and understood.


This 36 page self reflection workbook series focuses on the topics:


  • Expressing your needs

  • Vulnerability

  • Misplaced happiness

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Forgiveness

  • Honoring your passions


It works to highlight the emotional consequences of denying your truths in comparison to the emotional results of being honest and making new and more supportive agreements/choices for your life.

It also provides numerous examples of experiences rooted in earlier life settings, topics and environments. This is done to demonstrate how influence of belief and emotion can come from and be imprinted through various ways.


Get it today and:


  • Uncover and acknowledge core beliefs that you currently identify with and how they limit your life experiences

  • Trace back to moments of emotional and subconscious impact

  • Identify ways you currently limit yourself

  • Establish new agreements that will shift you out of old ways of doing, thinking and being

  • Affirm and create new empowered beliefs/statements that will support you on your journey of inner transformation


Right now as we are locked inside our homes mother nature is in a state of renewal. The air polution is clearing, waters are running pure once more, nature is reviving. I believe it is time for us to do the same. 


Are you REALLY ready to "get back to normal"? do you REALLY want to go back and start doing the same things you were doing before? Carrying the same feelings, the same weights and constraints, still not expressing your needs, still holding back from being vulnerable, still not honoring your passions or living your truths?



Get this workbook series if:


  • You are ready to stop denying your truths and giving your power away to others

  • If you are ready to take full responsibility of your wellbeing

  • If you are ready to feel better in your day to day life

  • If you are ready to build a more loving and deeper relationship with yourself

  • If you are ready to feel more expansive and empowered

  • If you are ready to feel seen, heard, loved and understood

  • If you're ready to get honest


Make the investment today and join me along with countless others in the delicate process of filling our own cup and reclaiming our lives so that we may better support ourselves. In turn we will show up better for those whom we care about the most and in our own way inspire them to do the same.

It starts with us, it starts from within.

This simple to follow yet powerful and inquisitive format will help you dig deep and gain a new perspective of yourself. It has helped me tremendously as well as many of my clients and friends and I feel great joy in sharing it with you. I hope you find it as helpful, insightful and eye opening as I have!

As a free bonus you will also receive helpful "Ho'oponopono" guidance information to go even deeper into each topic. Ho'oponopono is a powerful spiritual self-help tool of healing and liberation that will support you as you journey deeper into yourself.


You will learn what Ho'oponopono is, what it means, how to use it in your daily life and a simple yet powerful technique to transform your limiting beliefs!