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This workbook series works to highlight the emotional consequences of denying your truths in comparison to the emotional results of being honest and making new and more supportive agreements/choices for your life.

It also provides numerous examples of experiences rooted in earlier life settings, topics and environments. This is done to demonstrate how influence of belief and emotion can come from and be imprinted through various ways.

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Now is the opportunity to rebuild your life with new agreements that will benefit your wellbeing, mind, heart, soul and essentially those around you. When you are honest with yourself and others you feel lighter, liberated and truly seen, heard, loved and understood.

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Get it today and:

  • Uncover and acknowledge core beliefs that you currently identify with and how they limit your life experiences

  • Trace back to moments of emotional and subconscious impact.

  • Identify how key experiences impacted you emotionally and mentally.

  • Establish new agreements/actions that will shift you out of old ways of doing, thinking and being.

  • Affirm and create new and empowered beliefs/statements that will support you on your inner journey of transformation.

  • Feel confident and empowered to not only make positive shifts in your life but stay committed and in flow with them.

  • Embody your truth!

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Make the investment today and join me in the delicate process of filling your own cup and reclaiming your life so that you may better support yourself.


In turn you will show up better for those whom you care about the most and in your own way inspire them to do the same.

This 36 page self reflection workbook  focuses on the topics:


  • Expressing your needs

  • Vulnerability

  • Misplaced happiness

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Forgiveness

  • Honoring your passions