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I believe that the choice to heal our lives and say YES to ourselves is the most powerful choice we can make. 

Yet coming home to ourselves with loving and accepting hearts can be a process, one that you do not have to go through alone. 

If you're ready to feel more joy in your daily life,  experience the freedom of letting others off the hook when it comes to your happiness or to feel more empowered and at peace with the life experiences that have molded and shaped you; then my services are for you.

I'll share with you the same tools and techniques that I myself have used over the years and continue to use in order to transform my own life. These are tools that lead you back to your sovereign nature.

It's time you reclaimed your inner radiance, let me support you while you remember how.

Energy Clearing Review with Nicole

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Client Review

The first time I saw Raven I knew I needed to speak with her because I could feel that there was something powerful about her and wanted to know why. My chance came a couple weeks later as I was walking down the street. We started to chat and I found out she did reiki. I scheduled my session with some hesitancy wondering what she’d actually do. Reiki always seemed a bit out there to me, but because her presence was so strong I did it anyways.

Holy shit was she right on with intuiting current issues in my life and even ways that I’ve felt for many years; it was like she had jumped right into my body, mind and soul.

To give you a taste of what she uncovered, one of the first things that she spoke of was how she saw was how I was in a limbo state with work, life and home, and that whatever I was doing was out of alignment with what my heart wants. I was in a place in my life where I had just started this traveling journey to try to learn a new way to earn money that fed my soul, and I had gotten laid off right after I started traveling, and also shifting paradigms on how I wanted to do life in general. In addition I had a travel partner at the time where I felt like we were ultimately holding each other back but remained together probably more out of convenience.

She also spoke about how I have this fear of being seen and not seen, heard and also not heard, noticed but also not noticed; she could not have been more accurate. Those have been my conflicting fears for years yet I never actually verbalized it. When she called it out it was like I was able to finally make my choice of how I wanted to show up in the world, and it was to be seen, heard and noticed-to take up more space than I had allowed myself previously.

I feel like the reiki has also allowed my own voice and presence to show up more powerfully, and I’m attracting so much in terms of opportunities to serve with what I know, more teachers coming into my life, and so much generosity coming from all directions.

So much more was unearthed that I decided to ask her to train me. I’ve been practicing every day since and the Divine has been bringing people to me to practice on. I see how reiki helped/helps me, and I’m seeing how it helps others. It’s beautiful to know that the Divine wants to collaborate with us for healing and empowerment.

One last note, I’ve had reiki before but never something quite as detailed about my specific life as with Raven. If you’re wanting to be seen and have breakthroughs, Raven is a beautiful channel for the Divine energy and has so much wisdom, love and power emanating from her.

Kelly R.

Client Review

I did my first reiki session with Raven and it couldn't have been a better experience, which is why I went back for 2 more within the couple of weeks that she was in my hometown. Raven and I immediately connected and I felt like I could be honest and open with her within the first 5 minutes of meeting her. 


The Reiki session left me feeling energized, zen, confident and empowered. All things that came to the credit of Raven's amazing energy that she so naturally exudes. 


I strongly recommend embracing the reiki experience with Raven, it will leave you feeling better and healthier than ever. 


- Nadine

Client Review

"I had my first full Reiki session with Raven and I immediately felt really comfortable in her presence. She created a really calming and pleasant atmosphere.

Reiki helped me release stress and muscle tension and I felt really light and relaxed afterwards. It helped me see some things differently in my personal life as well.


It was absolutely an unice experience and I can recommend it to anyone with all my heart."


Client Review

"Raven is one of the most loving and wonderful individuals I've ever had the pleasure to know. Her presence and energy is calming and healing, yet simultaneously uplifting and inspiring. Her influence on my life in such a short period of time has been beyond positive; she's literally helped me redirect the course of my life for the better; originally had a Reiki session with her to help treat the chronic effects of a serious injury that I sustained  years ago. Within the three sessions that I've had with her, not only have I received comments from people saying that I look physically improved some, but I've also experienced a dramatic emotional and spiritual shift as a result of her Reiki and spiritual coaching. I have already begun to see small miracles manifesting in multiple areas of my life, and I am so grateful that she has provided me with such powerful tools to improve my reality.

    When you make an appointment to have a treatment with Raven, be sure to be prepared to see a multitude of benefits over more areas in your life than you could have ever imagined. If you're looking for true inner healing, and to have that healing cascade into  every -other facet of your life, then please show yourself the self-love you deserve by scheduling an appointment with the incredible Raven Marie."


Client Review

 ‘In two words, try it. Reiki is a powerful mind changing experience that is purely accustomed to the individual experience. A reiki experience with Raven is one that I myself cannot put into words I can only suggest you open your mind and take advantage. Raven has pure talent that impart offers you the client the best Reiki experience imaginable. If you're experiencing negative thoughts, unbearable stress or feelings of fatigue, emptiness and looking for an answer I cannot stress the abilities reiki sessions behold to help cope, clear and progress through the problems. You will be provided with insight into your own thought process, your own abilities and capabilities, the core reasons as to why you do the things you do, all while gaining powerful attributes for success within ones self to become the best performing living, and loving individuals we all strive to be.”

Mary M.

Client Review

   “I’ve had a number of sessions with Raven and each was very impactful. Reiki has helped me to unlock some energetic blockages from past emotional experiences- some of which I didn't even realize I had. She has also provided me with a lot of insightful conversation and counseling through our sessions. She was very easy to connect with and open up to, and has helped me tremendously along my journey. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a helpful healer.”

Kyle W.

Client Review

  “The amount of energy and positivity that Raven has and passes on is incredibly amazing. Every time I see her even if it’s just for a talk I feel like everything clears up and my mind feels at ease. Now with her Reiki session…OMG! I was transported. It was an experience that I have never truly had before both physically and spiritually, totally worth at least a try… Not many people can or are able to make me get out of my comfort zone but Raven did that to me. She showed me that sometimes I need to get out of it in order to keep on going. Thanks Raven and I’ll see you very soon!”


Caio A.

Client Review

I never knew about the benefits of Reiki until I met Raven, She is so easy to connect with, provides wonderful life coaching advice, and is well skilled in the practice. I have been able to recognize the root of my emotions, acknowledge the feeling, and let it go; in a much easier and effective manner. After my session a sense of peace and tranquility engulfs my mind, body, and soul.  -made me feel like a new person!


Denise C.

Client Review

“I had a session with Raven when I was pretty close to rock bottom. I’m a cancer survivor and the constant thoughts of recurrence had consumed my days. Since I started my sessions with Raven for both Reiki and life coaching my mind has calmed down tremendously and I no longer think I have cancer from the moment i wake up to the time I go to sleep. She truly is a healer. I recommend her to anyone and everyone.”

Jamie. B

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