IBOGA Integration Support


Iboga is a powerful plant medicine deriving from Africa that works to purge and detoxify the mind.


It eradicates the individual of limiting beliefs and negative programing created out of painful experiences, traumas and other hurtful wounding's of our past that become lodged within the subconscious.


These subconscious programs can affect us in ways that we are completely unaware of yet highly impacted by.


Through a process that is unique to the individual Iboga facilitates powerful healing, creating the space for transformative realizations and revelations long hidden deep within the psyche to emerge.

This otherworldly and mystical experience has the power to awaken us to our deepest truths while strengthening a loving connection  between our physical selves, world, Spirit and our infinite soul.

Iboga works to highlight what is not working in ones life and where more love, compassion, nurturance, intention and action are required.

It creates space within the mind for new ideas to emerge, new thought process to take shape and new ways of being to be realized and actualized.

Many times the actual Iboga journey can be confusing to the experiencer.

While many express understanding the wisdom and teachings gained in their journey right away there are also those who can leave unsure of what they actually received out of the experience. 

Although this is very common and in alignment with the process and sophistication of how Iboga actually works it can at times be disheartening and confusing for the experiencer.

Generally it is in the hours, days, weeks, months and even up to a year after a journey where a-ha moments, realizations and understandings continue to unfold, are more deeply realized, embraced and understood. 

An Iboga retreat/ceremony is just the beginning of the journey as the integration process is where one truly begins to step out of the passenger seat of their life to become the driver and a full participant.

 Although Iboga is a Master Teacher capable of providing great wisdom as to how to shape heal and transform your life it will not do the work for you, you will always have free will.


The question now becomes;  What are you willing to create? What are you willing to do to get a better result, and what are you willing to release in order to experience a more loving and nurturing relationship with yourself and life?

 Self love and care have for years fallen to the side lines of our society as mere options instead of a priority; yet after a journey with Iboga one begins to deeply realize how critical and important this is in order to live a richly fulfilling life.

Receiving vital information as to what must occur in order to shift your life in a more positive direction is one thing, while figuring out how to actually apply this wisdom into your everyday reality is another. 


At times this part of the journey can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming.

For most, having a support system in place that can assist in navigating the choppy terrain of life while learning to connect to their own unique rhythm and groove after Iboga can be monumental to their process. 

This is where Iboga integration support comes into play. 


Why work with me?

If you've read this far then chances are you are one of the many brave souls who have had your own experience with Iboga and are seeking support with your integration process.


For half a decade I have been focused and committed to healing from my own traumas and pain while living, learning and embodying a balanced, joyful, emotionally intelligent and spiritually aligned life.


It was while addressing and healing my own wounds that I realized my purpose to assist others in healing their wounds as well.

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I am currently certified in modalities such as Life coaching, Holistic Stress Management, Art therapy, Advanced Belief Clearing, Advanced Ho'oponopono and Sacred Freedom Technique.


I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Energetic Healer serving clients on a global level.

In 2018 while running a retreat center in Costa Rica I encountered Iboga for the first time. 


After having my own profound and life shifting experience with the medicine I knew that I had a spiritual calling and soul agreement to work with this incredibly wise teacher more intimately.


In November of 2018 I traveled to Gabon Africa where I was initiated into the Bwiti Tradition in order to more deeply connect with and serve the medicine.


This experience would forever change my life as it would mark the beginning of the deepest, most confronting  level of my  personal development and emotional liberation.


In march of 2019 I helped to open Awaken Your Soul Retreat Center in Costa Rica alongside my Bwiti brother Anthony Esposito and sister Amber Antonelli.


In our first year we welcomed over 100 guests to AYS supporting them along their personal journeys offering support, guidance, love, compassion and wisdom.


During this time I co-facilitated Iboga ceremonies, provided energy clearings, meditations, teachings from my program Project Happiness, art therapy and writing exercises created to dive more deeply into the inner world of the participants.


I also co-facilitated Iboga retreats alongside other fellow Iboga providers in various settings and now continue to co-facilitate at AYS.

It is with these tools, wisdoms learned along my own journey, my ability to connect with others in a deeply compassionate and organic nature and a profound calling to serve humanity from the space of love that I now aim to serve and support you.


I provide custom programs and one-on-one sessions that directly focus on your integration process.


Together we will align to positively shift your mindsets, lifestyle choices, energetic field, heart and emotional intelligence.



What You'll Gain

Transform your subconscious programing and overall thought process in ways that actually serve your highest good.

Identify root causes of limiting beliefs and gain techniques to shift/release them in the present moment.

Improve and create compassionate and nurturing inner dialogue with yourself. 

Develop deeper value and love for your soul.

Feel more empowered in your everyday life.

Build self confidence and self acceptance.

Experience deep forgiveness for yourself and others.

Life more presently and joyfully.


Learn how to celebrate life and all the small victories.

Self love and appreciation.

If you are ready to begin living an empowered, balanced and radiant life then contact me today.


Allow me to assist you in reclaiming your inner radiance and step more fully into your personal power.

Inquire about Iboga Integration support below!

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