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A growing number of talented women are expanding our understanding of psychedelics in the world today. 

In partnership with Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) and Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada’s Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance, Cosmic Sister has awarded merit-based educational advocacy grants and awards to 30+ women, including Raven Marie.

Raven is mentioned as a first time presenter on the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.

This article gained popularity and was published on multiple platforms such as  Topshelf News, Cannabis Law Report, PsychedelicNewsWire and Benzinga


Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

Raven Marie highlighted as a Speaker at the 2020 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference


Awarded a Cosmic Sister Women of The Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present “The Great Remembrance—Unraveling the Internal Layers with Iboga” at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference 2020.

You can also read about Raven on Zoe Helene, Cosmic Sister founder´s webpage.

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Under the passage "Why Would One — Hypothetically — Try Them? " Raven talks about her work and experience with at Awaken Your Soul Retreat centre.

You can read more about Iboga here.

Looking to interview Raven? Please send your request and relevant details to ravenmarie@iamravenmarie.com