Project Happiness

~The Road to a more grounded and happier you~

Project Happiness is a specialized program created to assist you in tapping into the one thing we all have in common no matter our unique differences, the goal of experiencing happiness. 

However true happiness is not based on what you have but how you feel within. Throughout this 6 week one-on-one program you will receive tools, information and exercises that will launch you into a new reality that is empowered, grounded, emotionally intelligent and filled with happiness. 

This is not a fleeting happiness that´s experienced on occasion and that an be snatched away at the first sign of troubles or hardships but the kind of happiness that remains present in spite of these things. The key to happiness is self empowerment and the seperation from victim mentality.

Through the concept of 100% responsibility and the shifting of your current perceptions you will break through mental and emotional blocks that limit you and keep you stuck.

Whats included:

  • One weekly video coaching/advisory/support call 

  • New topics of focus every week

  • Weekly worksheet series to support topics

  • Weekly Soulwork (homework)

  • One weekly Energy clearing, restoration and balancing session

  • Weekly emails filled with soulful downloads such as meditations, affirmations, bonus worksheets, blog posts, free giveaways, plus much more

  • Access to the private facebook community where you will connect with others who are also on the Project Happiness journey 

  • Integration tools provided after each call

Topics of focus:

  • Week one- Ho'oponopono, Belief creates reality

  • Week two- Power of words, Expressing your needs

  • Week three- Energy is currency, Understanding our triggers

  • Week four- Releasing victim mentality, Living an empowered life

  • Week 5- The trouble with "I'll be happy when...", A grateful heart

  • Week six- Value of the soul

If you are ready to begin living an empowered life that is rooted in your own emotional intelligence and self sustained happiness, then contact me today to schedule a discovery call to see if Project Happiness is right for you!

Over $1,500.00 value.

Yours today for only $1000.00 USD investment!

Can be paid in multiple installments

Pay full price and receive 2 bonus Energy Clearing and Restoration sessions.

Payment plans are available, please inquire for details

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Project Happiness Review

Project Happiness Review

Project Happiness Review