Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri

When we place the totality of our happiness in the hands of the external world while failing to cultivate feelings of joy and well-being from within, we run the risk of experiencing feelings of disappointment, resentment, stress and emotional pain.


Sometimes we can have the perfect job, the partner of our dreams, a loving family, a large supportive social circle and still end the day feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in life. The bottom line is this: you can have all those things and more but if you don’t feel good about you and full from within then none of it will matter.

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri
  • Reconnect with your inner wellspring of happiness by cultivating new belief systems, thought patterns, emotions and daily practices.


  • Balance and raise your energetic frequency


  • Create enriched depths of emotional intelligence, present living and self produced happiness.

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri

Topics of focus:


Week 1: Ho'oponopono,  Belief creates reality

Week 2: Power of words,  Connecting with you higher self

Week 3: Energy is currency,  Understanding our triggers, Stress management

Week 4: Releasing victim mentality,  Living an empowered life

Week 5: The trouble with "I'll be happy when…”, The power of a grateful Heart

Week 6: Value of the soul, Radical self love

Reflections of the Divine Package Offeri

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