Being in service to yourself

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Having the ability to stabilize and revitalize your own energetic body is a gift that is available to you when you become attuned to the loving energy of Reiki.


By becoming attuned to this energy you will have a helpful sacred tool that will support you in approaching life from a more calm, aware and grounded center no matter the circumstance.

Reiki 1 is all about being in service to yourself. With Reiki 1 you will be able to provide yourself with daily reiki treatments allowing you to stabilize your energetic body regularly.


This practice is solely for your own personal growth and transformation and is not to be shared with others. Instead it is meant to be nurtured and deeply cultivated within your own being. 

When on a plane they instruct you to put your mask on first before helping another. The intention here is the same. You can only truly help others once you have helped yourself.


This practice helps you to deeply innerstand the importance of giving to others from a full cup. If you are someone who struggles with over giving then this practice can support you deeply. 

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Each Training happens over a two day period with 3 hours maximum per day. Sometimes trainings can end earlier than projected, yet students are encouraged to always prepare for a 3 hour cycle.

Current upcoming training dates:

June  30-31st

July  10th-11th

August  14th - 15th 

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$200.00 usd total

%50 of investment is due at sign up with the remainder of balance being paid the day before training. 

Access to the training will not be granted before payment is complete.

Acceptable payment options are:

PayPal and TransferWise

Click the link below to learn more or sign up for an upcoming training. When inquiring ensure that you state which dates you would like to join a training. Space is limited to 8 people per training to ensure proper attention and care is given to each student. Therefore be sure to secure your spot before spaces fill up. Exceptions are not provided however personal one-on-one trainings can be provided at an ad

Being in service to others

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